Systems Analysis

ITC performs in-depth analysis of business information to answer tough questions. ITC enables users to solve problems such as finding the most efficient way to accomplish tasks, generating analysis strategies and software labs can feasibly clarify key indicators. For each assignment, we do a complete systems study. We look at what forms are being used to gather and to store information manually, what reports are being produced, and how they are being used. We gather and interpret facts, diagnose problems, and get a thorough understanding of any existing manual or computerized systems. We then use that information to recommend improvements, and develop plans and specifications for new systems to replace or complement existing systems.We work with your management and staff to define the aim and objectives on any newly proposed system. To develop practical designs to ensure proper work flow and data flow; to develop specifications regarding how, and at what points, data is captured and how data is stored; to describe work to be performed by people and by computers. And to design reports that will be produced by the new system. We also identify areas in which training of your staff may be necessary, and provide such training in order to make implementation of the new system as smooth and seamless as possible.Once an agreement for a proposed system is reached, we become responsible for the purchase, installation, and implementation of all computer hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Our personnel and consultants will work within the framework of a predefined plan to minimize interruptions to your normal course of business while honoring our agreed schedule for completion.


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